Sell Dental Gold
Dental Gold is A Valuable Metal 

Gold does not degrade, so it has historically been the best material for false teeth until ceramics and porcelain. Before plastic, gold was used for dentures and held the fake teeth together. Fillings, crowns and bridges are all popular uses for gold. At DMK Metal, you can sell dental gold. 

In most cases, dental gold is 16K or two-thirds gold. That’s better than most jewelry! In addition to the gold, these dental pieces also contain a small amount of palladium. Palladium has been the fastest appreciating precious metal for the past couple of years and is over $3,000 an ounce. While dental gold is gross, especially when the extracted tooth includes a long root, it is quite valuable. 

So, if you have an old tooth that needs to be removed and it has some gold in it, make sure you get it back from your dentist and save it to sell sell dental gold in the future!

If you have dental gold you want to evaluate for it’s value, I’d be happy to help!

Why Sell Your Dental Gold?

People sell their gold for a variety of reasons.


Sell old or unwanted items for cash


Gift the cash to kids, grandkids, charity, or a good cause

Unforseen EXPENSES

Pay for unexpected expenses, taxes, or other


Use the cash to invest in home upgrades

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We can help you sell your dental gold for top dollar.

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