Sell Your Sterling Silver Flatware in the Chicago Suburbs

Many people, when decluttering or moving/downsizing, look to sell the old silverware, candlestick holders, serving pieces of all sorts, and tea sets. At DMK Metal, our customers can sell sterling silver flatware and all other sterling silver items.

Historically, weddings were the best time to give sterling silver as a gift.

The new couple treasured the beautiful, strong sterling flatware they received from a cousin, the sterling candle stick holders from their great aunt, and a sterling tea set from grandma and grandpa. The family would bring out the good silver for special occasions, holidays, and all sorts of family gatherings. All would take part in polishing the items that may have gotten tarnished.  

Today, most people don’t cherish sterling items like they used to and definitely don’t enjoy polishing. So when people are decluttering, moving, or downsizing, they often look to sell sterling silverware, candlestick holders, serving pieces of all sorts, and tea sets. Get rid of old and unwanted clutter while making some money. We want individuals to sell sterling silver flatware and other gold and silver serving pieces you may not want or use. As Chicagoland’s most trusted silver flatware–buyers, we give competitive offers you’ll feel good about.

Some of the more popular sterling makers include:


Reed & Barton

Rogers (usually plated, but sometimes sterling)


Tiffany & Co

International Silver


Kirk Stieff

Holmes & Edwards

When you find sterling from Europe, you may not find the word sterling. You may find a number like 800, 831, 835, 900, 925, or 950. This number means how many parts per thousand are silver in the item. Also, you will want to look for certain markings like a full body profile of a lion, the profile of a king or queen, or a panther with or without a crown.

If you’d like to sell your sterling silverware in the Chicagoland area, I’d be happy to help!

Why Sell Your Sterling Flatware and other items?

People sell their sterling for a variety of reasons.


Sell old or unwanted items for cash


Gift the cash to kids, grandkids, charity, or a good cause

Unforseen EXPENSES

Pay for unexpected expenses, taxes, or other


Use the cash to invest in home upgrades

We can help you sell your sterling silver flatware and other items for top dollar.

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