Sell Gold and Silver Coins

Looking to sell coins and bullion? We can help with that. At DMK Metal, individuals can sell gold and silver coins and bullion. In the U.S. constitution, money was defined as a certain weight of either or gold or silver. So, money was coined out of silver up until 1964 and coined out of gold up until 1933. If these coins are scarce or in high-quality condition, coin collectors treasure them for their numismatic value. I tell my clients to keep them, as well as many of the lesser quality gold and silver coins as an investment. That being said, I do buy a large amount of coins.

As you look through your jars of coins, piggy banks, and couch cushions for coins of value, keep an eye out for 1964 and before dimes, quarters halves, and silver dollars are 90% silver. War time nickels from 1942-26 are 35% silver, and half dollars from 1965-70 are 40% silver. 1933 1 dollar, 2 dollar, 2.5 dollar, 3 dollar, 5 dollar, 10 dollar, and 20 U.S. gold coins are also valuable. At DMK Metal, we encourage people to sell gold and silver coins and bullion that are not wanted.

Across the globe, different countries create government sponsored, official gold and silver coins for investors. As with any coins, I tell my clients to keep some or all of these coins. But, if they do want to sell them, I buy them. Here are some examples:

U.S. Eagles, 

Canadian Maple Leafs 

South African Kruggerands

Austrian Philharmonics

British Britannias

Mexican Libertads

Chinese Pandas 

Australian Kangaroos

Many precious metals refineries create their own coins and bars. Some are collectibles and some are just a creative, fun way to accumulate gold and silver. Here are some examples:

Franklin Mint collectible coins

Johnson Matthey bars and coins

Apmex coins and bars

Credit Suisse bars

Engelhard coins and bars

Silver Towne

Sunshine Mint


If you have dental gold you want to evaluate for it’s value, I’d be happy to help!

Why Sell Your Gold & Silver Coins & Bullion?

People sell their gold and silver coins for a variety of reasons.


Sell old or unwanted items for cash


Gift the cash to kids, grandkids, charity, or a good cause

Unforseen EXPENSES

Pay for unexpected expenses, taxes, or other


Use the cash to invest in home upgrades

Locations Served by DMK Metal

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We can help you sell your gold and silver coins & bullion for top dollar.

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