Donate Gold & Silver for Charity

Looking for a New and Creative Way to Raise Money for a Good Cause?

Donate Gold and Silver

Now you can gather unwanted gold, silver items, and convert them into cash for charitable donations with our donate gold and silver events.


Gold for Good Fundraising

Are you a fundraiser looking for a unique and creative way to raise funds for a good cause?

Tired of asking for cash donations? Do you feel like there has to be more ways to inspire people to give to your cause?

Maybe you should start by thinking a little more outside the box. Maybe it’s time to stop asking for money and start asking people to donate gold.

Gold for Good is a creative fundraising concept brought to you exclusively by DMK Metal for both individual and group donors.

The process is simple. First, select the charity of your choice. Donors then meet individually with David to have their gold or silver items evaluated. A check will be made out to the charity for the full value of the donated items, and all donors will receive a receipt for their donations.

People appreciate David’s fun and fast approach to evaluating their gold and silver. Most of the time, donors do not even know how much they have to give until they get their valuables looked over. They walk away from the experience feeling surprised and shocked by how much they donated to a cause that matters dearly to them.

Is your synagogue, garden club, or association looking for a unique fundraising concept? Through these events, DMK Metal has seen tremendous success helping people donate gold and other precious metals. Join other organizations who have taken advantage of the Gold for Good Program, including Susan G. Komen, Spay & Stay, American Heart Association, and the Libertyville Garden Club Scholarship Fund.

Charities We Partner With

Are you looking to partner with an organization for a good cause? Here are some great organizations we work with.

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