5 Useful Tips for Selling Your Gold Jewelry

It is a shame to leave gold jewelry in a closet or a drawer. If no one is going to wear or admire it, then there is no point letting it sit alone for years. Instead of allowing your collection of jewelry to take up space, you should sell it to a reputable buyer. Selling jewelry can be intimidating if you have never done it before. Read these five useful tips for selling your gold jewelry so you can efficiently manage the task.

1. Get an Appraisal

Gold jewelry items may have historical or aesthetic value that supersedes the worth of precious metals. Before you sell your jewelry to a gold buyer, you should work with an appraiser to see what that value may be. Designer or antique jewelry may be better sold to a collector than a gold buyer.

2. Know the Karat

Gold jewelry varies in worth based on karat value, which is the measure of the gold’s purity. Very few gold items are entirely pure. Most gold sold in the United States is ten, 14, or 18 karat, with 18 as the purest. If you know the karat, you will have a better-informed expectation about the gold’s worth.

3. Know the Gold’s Value

Among the useful tips for selling your gold jewelry, perhaps the most important is that you learn the value of gold. Like any other commodity, gold has a current market price. When you go to a gold dealer, you should have this number memorized. Some dealers may try to undersell you, but you can watch out for that kind of predatory behavior if you come well-equipped with knowledge.

4. Shop Around

You do not need to accept the first offer when you sell gold jewelry. Look at different bids to protect your best interests. If you have followed the other pieces of advice, you should know how much your gold is worth. Do not just jump on the first offer because it is convenient. Look for one that complements the piece’s value.

5. Be Realistic

While it is important to choose a gold dealer who respects the value of your piece, you should be realistic about how much you will get. Very few people ever get the full value of their gold jewelry. The gold dealer also needs to make a profit. Try to temper your expectations so you do not prepare yourself for disappointment.



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