The value of old dental work

There are a number of factors that determine the value of your dental work. This includes the type of metal used, its weight, as well as the spot price of the precious metals. 

For instance, the amount of gold found in gold crowns and bridges depends on the metal alloy that it contains. Generally, they range from 10-karat to 22-karat gold. Therefore, you can expect dental gold to be between 40% and 80% gold. 

Understanding The Value of Dental Gold & How to Sell It

However, it’s important to know that even though some crowns appear gold, that doesn’t necessarily mean they consist of actual gold. That’s why it’s important to talk to a reputable local gold dealer, like DMK Metal, so they can tell you how much your dental gold is truly worth. 

The current market value of gold 

As we briefly mentioned, the spot price of gold plays a large role in how the value of your dental gold is determined. In recent years, the price of gold has been increasing. And due to the current inflation, the price continues to rise.

Oftentimes, investors are looking for a safe place to park their money. Gold is seen as a stable investment, and its value tends to go up when there is an unstable stock market. Gold functions separately from the stock market. So, in times of political and economic uncertainty, as we have seen in 2022, investors are purchasing gold as a safe investment option. 

Types of dental work gold buyers want 

There are different types of dental work that gold buyers are interested in. One of the most common types of dental work that is sold for its gold content is dental fillings. However, gold buyers are also interested in crowns, bridges, implants, caps, Onlays, inlays, and even dentures.

Understanding The Value of Dental Gold & How to Sell It

On the other hand, silver-colored partial dentures and amalgam dental fillings are two kinds of dental work that gold buyers are disinterested in.  

First of all, silver-colored partial dentures are not made from pure silver. As a result, they contain very little actual silver content and are therefore not worth much to gold buyers.

Additionally, gold buyers are not interested in amalgam dental fillings because they contain mercury. Not only is mercury a toxic heavy metal, but it’s also not very valuable since it’s not a precious metal. Because of its mercury content, it makes it undesirable from both a financial standpoint and a health standpoint.

However, it’s always best to assume that any dental gold you have is valuable. You never know if you could be sitting on a potential goldmine without even realizing it!

Other valuable metals in your dental gold

To make gold stronger for dental use, the gold is combined with other metals in order to create an alloy. These metals can include silver, platinum, and palladium. Discuss this with DMK Metal since palladium is actually more valuable than gold today and can make your dental gold even more valuable than most jewelry.

Sell your dental gold to a local gold dealer

If you have any dental gold that you want to sell, contact DMK Metal. We serve individuals in the Chicagoland areas and are dedicated to helping them understand the value of their precious metals. The experts at DMK Metal have a phenomenal understanding of the current market value of gold, so you can be confident that you’re getting a fair price for your dental gold. 

David Kaz, owner of DMK Metal, has over 40 years of experience in the industry and is known for helping his clients sell their precious metals for the highest prices. 

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