I have been a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) since 2016. Several of the members introduced me to clients who were de-cluttering, downsizing, or moving. I helped these clients sell their unwanted gold and silver items for cash.

One of my best partners at NAPO is Debbie.

Sadly, Debbie’s mother-in-law Ruth passed away earlier this year, leaving Debbie’s husband and brother-in-law as heirs to manage her estate. Of course, Debbie stepped-in to do a fantastic job of organizing the home to get it ready and staged for sale. To make this happen, she needed to sell the contents of the home.

Ruth was a great lady, and I had purchased unwanted jewelry directly from her in 2018. Sadly, I was now asked to come into Ruth’s home, review and evaluate all remaining jewelry, and buy the items the heirs did not want to keep. The family directed me to several drawers, jewelry boxes, bags, and a jewelry tower. Utilizing my various testing tools, I separated the jewelry into 5 piles; costume, sterling, 10K gold, 14K, and 18K.

After spending several hours de-tangling, separating, and testing, the family had me take the gold and silver items home for further analysis and pricing. Things were hectic at the home, so it was better for me to give them as much space as possible. “David did a great job of reviewing and evaluating all of Ruth’s jewelry during this difficult time for our family,” said Debbie.

The family decided to keep some of the items and I purchased the remaining pieces for several thousand dollars. “David was respectful with our family’s valuable items and did a great job of helping us get organized and paying us much more than we anticipated,” said Debbie.

Over the past several years, I have worked with numerous families where the heirs inherited silver and gold items to divide. By converting the unwanted jewelry, coins, sterling flatware and serving pieces, etc. to cash, it makes it easier for the heirs to more equitably split their inheritance.