Are you interested in why people invest in precious metals? Check out this video on the many uses of silver.

Silver, The Most Useful Metal

Why do I think silver is a better investment than gold? Silver goes beyond gold in it’s countless uses and is the most useful of all metals known to man. Silver is used for creating sterling flatware, candlestick holders, and serving pieces. It’s used for watches, picture frames, and sconces.

Silver is used in photography and creating x-rays. Silver is one of the best conductors of electricity so it is found on every circuit board in computers, TVs, and cell phones. It used for electrical contacts and soldering.

Silver is the most reflective element known to man. Every solar panel has a layer of silver on it to reflect the sun’s rays and generate energy. Mirrors used to have a layer of silver behind the glass as the reflective element. However, today aluminum is used.

Silver is an antibacterial and is used in deodorant, water filtration, colloidal silver, and medical devices. Even bandages and sutures can have silver in them.

Potentially the biggest use for silver is in renewable energy. Silver is used for nuclear energy. As mentioned earlier, it is used in every solar panel. But when you think about solar, the only time that you have solar energy is when the sun is out. You need to store that energy in batteries. With Tesla and other electric cars, energy is stored in a series of batteries. Silver is the most important element in those batteries, so companies like Tesla and Apple are buying up tons of silver behind the scenes.

Silver continues to grow in importance for industrial use and is a great investment opportunity. Also, I buy unwanted silver in Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, and all over the Chicago area.

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