How do you know if your gold jewelry are really gold? Check out this short video.

What marks do I look for on gold jewelry?

With gold jewelry, what are you looking for with your loop? You are looking for the number 417 or 10K, and that would mean 10 karat gold. 10 karat gold is 0.417 or 41.7% or 417 parts per thousand gold. So when you see that 417, that means. 417 parts per thousand or 10 karat.

With 14K gold, you are looking for 14K or 585. If you have an old ring, a necklace, or a bracelet, you’re looking for the number 585. If you see 585, it means it’s 14 karat gold.

Dental gold is usually 16 karat, but it’s not stamped. So the dentist did not take a little stamp and mark it 16K. Some dental gold people have from other countries can be higher karat like 18K. It is a little bit higher gold content and has more of a yellow color.

With 18 Karat gold, you’re looking for either 18K or the number 750. With any karat, white gold is the same percentage of gold as yellow gold. It is mixed with other precious metals platinum, palladium, like iridium, rhodium, or silver to turn the jewelry that silver color. If an items is 18 karat yellow gold, or 18 karat white gold, it’s still the same gold content.

Gold from India is usually 22 karat. The jewelry will say either 22K or 917. And finally, 24 karat gold jewelry usually comes from Asian countries like South Korea or China. This jewelry is stamped either 24K or 999.

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