So long as gold and other precious metals remain valuable, people will try to counterfeit them. Thankfully, there are several ways to easily spot a fake. Here are five simple ways to tell if your gold is real.

Number One: Test the Size and Weight

You can test coins based on their size and weight. Gold coins are minted to match the same specifications. If there are new gold coins in Australia, for instance, they should all be exact replicas of each other. Gold is very difficult to replicate because counterfeiters have a hard time creating fake coins that match the real coins’ specifications.

A fake coin may need to be thicker or wider to mimic the weight of a real one. By paying attention to these details, you can spot a counterfeit gold coin.

Number Two: the Magnet Test

The magnet test is one of the five simple ways to tell if your gold is real. Gold is not magnetic. If you want to test your jewelry for its authenticity, see if it sticks to a reasonably strong magnet. If it does, then it isn’t gold or contains some metals other than gold.

Number Three: Test by Sound

Precious metals create a long, high-pitched ringing noise when they’re struck. Base metal sounds are much shorter and duller. Balance the coin on your finger and tap it with another coin and listen for the sound. The difference between a pure gold coin and a non-precious metal one should be obvious.

Number Four: Ceramic Test

The ceramic test is another simple method for determining the authenticity of your gold. Simply drag your gold along an unglazed ceramic plate. Only apply a little bit of pressure. If the item leaves a gold mark, then it’s real gold. You will know it is fake if it leaves a black mark.

Number Five: Nitric Acid Test

Since this test may permanently damage your gold, it’s the least user-friendly option. If you want to do it, scratch the piece against a nail file until it leaves a scratch. Use a dropper to put a small amount of nitric acid on that area. If you don’t see a reaction, then the piece is likely gold. If it isn’t gold, the scratch will turn green.

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