Do you have white/silver-colored gold jewelry and are not sure it is “good gold”? Listen to this short video to learn that white gold is the exact same gold value as yellow gold.

White gold vs yellow gold

Clients frequently ask me “Is white gold worth less than yellow gold?”

And the answer is an emphatic, “no”! Yellow gold and white gold have the exact same amount of gold content and are worth the same. For example, 14 karat white gold is 58.5% gold and 14 karat yellow gold is also 58.5% gold.

So why does white gold have a white or silver color?  With white gold, the yellow gold is alloyed with more silver metals like platinum, palladium, nickel and zinc to convert the yellow gold into white or silver colored gold.

There is also the ability to take yellow gold and plate it with rhodium to give it that white or silver color. But if you take your yellow gold jewelry and get it rhodium plated, the plating will wear off and the yellow gold will eventually come through.

In conclusion, never let anybody tell you that white gold is worth less than yellow gold.

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