Hi, I’m David Kaz, president of DMK Metal. I’m here at my new office at 717 Forest Avenue in Lake Forest, and I’d like to take you on a tour.

What’s nice about the 717 building is there’s an elevator for clients who are bringing in heavy silver or gold items. I work with a lot of seniors so an elevator is mandatory.

I’m going to take you up the stairs and, as we enter into the office, you’ll see a reception area. As clients come in, they can talk to the receptionist. The receptionist also answers phone calls. Here you can see a nice open area for workers and guests to have a cup of coffee, have some water, a nice place to hang out.

Let’s move down the hallway and we’ll come to DMK Metal in Suite 230. And as you enter my office, you’ll see I’m ready for clients. This is my gold testing equipment. And up on the screen I’ve got the DMK website, which is dmk-metal.com. I also have up my Google page. As you can see, I’ve got 10 reviews and I got five stars from all of them. I’m excited about getting more reviews and my move to Lake Forest from Deerfield. Thank you.

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